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Fishing Richland Chambers

Long long time friend and class mate of Red Oak high school

Steve Skipper with his son Joe David. 

Came down to celebrate spring and did a good job of it !

 Catching huge hybrid striper all morning long weighing 8 to 10 pounds. 

 What a good way to spend time with your son.

 Good luck this year guy’s and we will see you soon .





Richland Chambers Lake Hybrids

Just a couple of goodol boy’s Joseph and Colt drive in from Palestine to enjoy some excellent Hybrid fishing on lake Richland Chambers 

 They cought some really nice bluecat to round out the day.

 There’s a really nice fish fry in the near future!

Thanks guy’s see you in a few weeks.




Richland Chambers Lake

Adam had a exciting morning catching big Hybrids and blue cat

On lake Richland chambers

 See you in a couple of weeks Adam

So we can catch a few more

Always need to catch the one that got
away !

Thanks Bob


April 2011 Fishing Report

The last couple of weeks has been just completely awesome,  with limits of monster sandbass being caught and a few good hybridstripers sprinkled in.   Catching a few Richland Chambers Blue Cat fish to finish the trip.

The shad are thick on the bank .  I don’t see any change in the bite for the next couple of weeks!

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