Richland Chambers July fishing report

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July fishing report

Hot and windy boys and girls but we’re catching fish.
It’s harder fishing when the wind is blowing 20 plus but we’re getting it done.
Some mornings along the south Shore line we’re spotting schools fo fish feeding on top most the fish in these schools seem to be undersized hybrid Striper but there is enough good sandbass in the school to help your box out and they are fun to chunk at for a few minutes. 
There’s a few big schools of topwater fish roaming the open water from Ferguson point to the Dam if the wind isn’t blowing 20mph you have a good chance of seeing them and catching some good fish out of them.
Catching most the sandbass around the woody points or humps in water depths of 15 to 20 ft. Sometimes a little more shallow early and a little deeper later.
Some suspended fish in 20 to 27 or 28ft. Of water,  these suspended fish like for you to reel the slabs up through them better than if you’re jigging for them and once you get into them they are usually pretty good fish.
For the Hybrid Striper this just isn’t the year it don’t matter if you’re using live bait or artificial baits like I use the big Hybrids are very illusive this year and you just can’t count on them.
I’m getting my sandbass and giving the big hybrid a try late morning but it’s not the same as years past.
If August gets hear and there’s been no change on the hybrids than maybe we have to figure something is up.
Maybe we lost a bunch going over the dam or maybe we caught the most of them out,  but the numbers of 15 inch hybrids are strong so next year should be back to normal on the bigger game fish. 
The sandbass numbers seem to be holding up even better than last year.
I thank the Bluecat numbers are strong and who knows about the crappie I hardly know anyone trying them,  with the lake so full I can’t tie up to my regular spots so I’ll probably put them on the shelf until the lake drops about 3ft.
If you want to finish the summer out with a good fishing trip  give me a call. 
I fish seven days a week and have for almost 20 years I know ever spot and ever fish by first name.
Bob Holmes guide service longest running fishing guide on the lake and still the Striper Lake Record Holder. 
214 728 3310
Best regards bob holmes