Fishing Dallas lakes fishing guide bob holmes fishing lake richland chambers one hour south of Dallas

I’ve been guideing quiet a while now and the people that fish with me i kind of adopt them as part of my extended family.

  Dewight Mathews and his family have been fishing with me forever it seems and are just some of my favorite people in the world
 With a spring like thunderstorms hanging around the lake catching fish almost seemed secondary.  Thunder and lightning just always present but not close enough to make you get off the lake
  The fish were jumping and the girls were showing off there fishing skills
  They threw everything at these fish from topwater torpedos to rattle traps, sassyshad, Humdingers, then saving the best for last the 1 ounce silver slab.
 THEY CAUGHT FISH UNTIL THE WORLD LOOKED FLAT laughing and grinning the whole time. 100 sandbass later and the clouds went around the lake
Coudnt ask for a better mornimg!
  Ill see you next year girls!