Richland chambers fishing guide Bob Holmes

Coral,Gary, Ashford, and old buddy Justin hit the hybrids with a Big Stick this morning!

Action was Hot just after the storms went through. 
Now getting the bait during the storms was a whole different story for me.
See you boys when I see you again!

Richland chambers fishing guide bob Holmes

Old friend Cecil brought his family down today for  some fine fishing. 

We had a steady bite all morning of hybrids, sandbass, and bluecat!
Things went a lot better than I expected it to after all the storms!
Thanks Cecil see you and the old Gang in a couple of weeks!

Richland chambers hybrid striper fishing

Old customers get so busy they forget to call me for over 10 years but I want hold it against them as Willie says life just gets in the way!

Willie, John, and Frank are the absolute greatest guys ever we had the best time!
15 hybrid a couple of big sandbass and catfish was just what the Dr. Prescribed for these guys!
See yall again before to long!