Fishing richland chambers

Roger and family celebrate Father’s day today with a nice box of fish!
Good guy’s and good fishing! 
Thanks Roger see you again this Fall!
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Fishing guide Dallas area guide Bob holmes

Awesome day the Erica and  Aunna bringing  there pops  Robert down to fish with me today on Father’s day! 

They’ve been doing this with there dad sense they were babies and it just keeps getting more fun!
Thanks girls and old friend Robert! 
I’ll see you soon! 

Fishing richland chambers fishing guide Bob holmes

Three generationd of fishermen this morning! !!

I had the pleasure of taking James and his family fishing this morning,  they tore up the big  sandbass and had so much fun doing it!
Willie hadn’t caught a fish in 20 years plus little Charles is now HOOKED ON FISHING! 
Thanks James and I will see you again soon! 

Richland chambers fishing guide Bob Holmes

Today was special for me,  my old boss from  Central freight lines John Aday and his bud Jimmy came down to fish with me this morning! 

We pulled 50 fish but it wasn’t exactly easy John and Jimmy caught plenty of fish to make a great morning but I just couldn’t find any keeping hybrids! 
Thanks for coming John it was good to see you! 
See you again soon!