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Fishing Richland chambers

Fun family to fish with and the fishing was pretty good!

I think Amanda was out super star she caught her limit and everyone else’s!
Thanks George and Kathy 

Fishing Richland chambers

These boys hit them good on a late father’s day gift!

Darren and Stephen were all smiles 50 good whites and two limits of big ol hybrid striper!
Thank yall maybe we can do it again before it gets to HOT!

Fishing Richland chambers

New customer Joel and his family came for a little fishing this morning.  We actually got off to a slow start but we finished strong!

Lots of fun and lots of catching right before the big storm hit!
Thank you Joel 

Richland chambers fishing

Thank you Kip and Shelly for bringing your friends down.

It went pretty good 150 fish caught and cleaned in record time !
Exciting morning for sure!
See you next week. 
Thank you 

Fishing Richland chambers

Three really good men having a blast catching fish this morning. 

75 Sandbass and 25 blue cat plus one nice hybrid!
Lots of fillets!
Thanks guys see you again really soon!

Fishing Richland chambers

Gary and Terry hammer the sandbass and hybrids this morning plus catch a few bluecat. 

The hybrids were just a little short in length but just a lot of fun to get into!
Thank yall see you again!