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Richland chambers fishing guide bob Holmes

Old friend Cecil brought his family down today for  some fine fishing. 

We had a steady bite all morning of hybrids, sandbass, and bluecat!
Things went a lot better than I expected it to after all the storms!
Thanks Cecil see you and the old Gang in a couple of weeks!

Richland chambers hybrid striper fishing

Old customers get so busy they forget to call me for over 10 years but I want hold it against them as Willie says life just gets in the way!

Willie, John, and Frank are the absolute greatest guys ever we had the best time!
15 hybrid a couple of big sandbass and catfish was just what the Dr. Prescribed for these guys!
See yall again before to long!

Hybrid Fishing Richland chambers

Good customers THE Hortons, 

We pulled our hybrids at a nice steady pace, with a lots of smaller catfish to keep us busy.
Unfortunately not much on the sandbass today!
Look forward to seeing you boys this Fall for some catfish!

Hybrid striper fishing in the Dallas area

Mr. Clay with his family and employees share the lake this morning with me and My best friendand guide Chris Watson !

As a old friend Franklin Smith of Smitty’s sporting good used to say, we caught all the law allows!
The Barnes had always caught sandbass with us in the tune of 300 plus fish at time.
On Richland chambers these day’s if you can do that your a better man than i’am!
These hybrids are a blast and people love catching them.
Ill catch sandbass as long as i can use artificial baits but im not using shad on sandbass,  it’s just my way. I like to catch them with slabs, sassy shads, and topwaters, so until they start hitting these baits reliable again i will be going after the hybrids with live shad and thats my two cents!

Fishing Richland chambers

Tough sledding today but my little group did just fine!

We’re still not sure who caught the biggest, but im pretty sure it was little sister!
Thanks Doug
Sorry about your Pops passing yesterday!

Richland chambers hybrid fishing

My extended family Gio and his  family caught the heck out of the hybrids this morning. 

These boys will never ever forget a day like we just had. 
Thanks Gio 
You may owe little Gio 5 bucks!

Hybrid striper fishing Dallas Texas area lake Richland chambers

Good friend Tommy Copeland and a couple of his top hands from Ennis High school!

I believe Tanner and Danner was there names.
Good young men i believe Tanner has a chance at being a awesome fisherman, he was definitely a good deck hand today!
Good luck boys in whatever you decide to do and don’t forget to thank Mr.copland for this fine fishing Experience!