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A few tales off the boat….

My wife and I have enjoyed the fishing off-season doing some traveling.  Seeing the country in a motor home is just beautiful! Looking through those big old windows watching the country go by is just relaxing, but just when everything is just right in the world something seems to always start breaking!!

My Grandson Sawyer and I were throwing rocks off the side of Wolf Creek Pass, elevation almost 12000 ft. and 10 miles long, listening to see how long they rolled down the mountain while we rested the brakes on the motor home. I spotted a nice chunking size boulder that reminded me of the time me and my buds had burned up our brakes on a hunting trip and my quick thinking friend riding Shotgun jumped out and grabbed a nice boulder slammed it under the wheel of our old truck and brought us to a lurching stop!! Yes you can imagine we were kind of young and foolish back then. Anyway, we rested on Wolf Creek Pass for a full hour and came safely on down the mountain!

Next day it was Chama Pass at 8000 ft. We handled it perfectly until at the very bottom the Big Ford Triton decided to lock up.  It was Vapor locked from the high altitude. I pulled the old flat lander’s trick by loosening the gas cap and opening the big air filter box giving it more air and the Old girl powered right up! There’s more but I’ll spare you.

We are done with the sight seeing. Daughter Georgana and Sawyer are back home. Granny and I are enjoying our time together in the cool mountain air of Ruidoso! Thanks everyone for letting me share.

I’m booking for Labor Day and fall fishing!  To get one of these dates call me at 214-728-3310.

Bob Holmes
The longest running fishing guide on the lake and still the Striper Lake Record Holder
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TD Industry doing a little Team Building on Richland Chambers

Partner Chris Watson and myself helped them make the most of it.

10 limits of hybrid striper will make there next project go so much easier. 

You could feel the electricity in the air this morning. 

And just new the fishing was going to be GREAT !!

 Thanks guys 

See you again soon





Richland Chambers Fishing



 We had a hookie player fishing today !

 He said it was the best day off work ever. !!

Lot’s of hybrids plus some really big black bass 1 over 7 lbs. Plus a few blue cat and unfortunately the big one got away. 

That just means another day off in the near future. RIGHT!!

See u soon



Richland chambers

Some old home boy’s came and spent the morning with me.
 Bryan Jimmy and Nick fishing with me this morning. 
 The weather was a little better today and the fishing reflected it.
 Local boys do well , catching all there hybrids and as usual ol Nick. Always catches the best one and the last
Thanks guys