Hybrids – crappie – catfish – sandbass

Great great morning , Steve Barber and brother Craig came down for two reasons actually 
To catch alot’s of fish of course but also to kinda of say a final goodby to our old friend Bob Hood who past away earlier this year.
 So at the last place Bob caught fish on a good Crappie spot we had a little fisherman’s prayer and kinda dedicated the spot to him uno !!
 He would have had a big day today, we started with Hybrids than crappie and than Bluecat of course we picked up a few sandbass along the way.
  10 hybrids 20 crappie 15 bluecat 12 sandbass
Bob was with us all morning and he is eating them RIGHT NOW !!
 Thanks Steve for planning this 
It will always be a fond memory .
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